In Between Worlds

To Be Released January 2021

In Between Worlds takes the listener on a journey through evolving ambient spaces. Featuring synthesizer sound fields graced with electric and acoustic guitar, this album is your guide to states of deep relaxation.

"These pieces were all born out of the extended yoga workshops that my wife Cheri Clampett and I have been leading for the last ten years. I improvise extensively as I accompany her yoga teaching and that opens the doorway for magical happenings and inspiration. When a certain passage or sound resonates in a deep way I'll revisit it later - that's how much of the music on this album came to be. I think the album also speaks to my influences. Pink Floyd is always present, but I also love certain flute players like Carlos Nakai and PC Davidoff - I wanted to take their approach and translate it to the guitar and see where that took the album." - Avahara 

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